Back Pain Clinic


Back Pain Clinic

The majority of patient’s seen in clinic suffer from lower back and neck problems. Low back pain is a common problem with up to 80% of the UK population experiencing back pain at some point in their lifetime. It affects approximately one third of the adult population each year with 20% of people seeking treatment. The reasons for back pain are varied but can include prolapsed intervertebral discs, facet joint arthritis, trapped nerves (sciatica), ligament sprains and muscular strains.

PhysioDoc practitioners are experienced in the assessment, treatment and management of spinal problems and use an evidence-based approach to ensure that each patient receives optimal care.

How can PhysioDoc help my Back or Neck Pain?

Physiotherapy is extremely beneficial for neck and low back pain with a large amount of research supporting supports its effectiveness as a treatment method. There are a variety of different treatment methods which can be used for back pain which will depend on its presentation and severity. The therapist will complete a thorough assessment, ruling out any sinister cases or signs of serious pathology through asking specific questions. Once they have completed a thorough musculoskeletal assessment, they will discuss the diagnosis with you and recommend a specific course of treatment.

Treatment methods utilised by the team include soft tissue massage, exercise prescription, joint mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture, ultrasound, stretching and trigger point release. We are also able to advise whether further investigation is recommended for your back problem.