Sports Injuries


Sports Injuries

The team at PhysioDoc have a large amount of experience and expert knowledge in sports rehabilitation, aiding people to recovery after injury. Whilst we work with amateur and semi-professionals athletes, team members have also worked in elite sport including Bradford Bulls RLFC, Bradford City FC and Keighley Cougars RLFC

Whether playing to a high standard or just enjoying sport socially, our team can guide you back to sport in the fastest but safest possible time. Importantly we work with you to ensure that you do not return to sport too soon. This is a common issue with athletes and can result in a recurrent or chronic injury.
The type of sports injuries seen in clinic include ligament sprains, muscle tears, joint dislocations and subluxations, fractured bones, cartilage tears (meniscus damage), tendinitis, tendinopathy, sportsman’s hernia, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, rotator cuff damage, plantar fasciitis, intervertebral disc prolapse, facet joint injury, haematoma’s and contusions to name a few! We also treat patient’s following orthopaedic surgery including ACL reconstruction, cartilage repair, arthroscopy and joint replacement.

Certain risk factors can predispose athletes to sports injuries, whether this is poor biomechanics (pronation at the feet, excessive curvature (lordosis) at the spine), poor joint range of movement, poor joint stability, stiffness at the spine or excessive repetition with certain sporting skills (tennis swing, golf swing). We will therefore not only aim to get you better as quickly as possible but help to identify the cause of the problem and help to reduce the risk of further injury.